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Qualities of A Good Mortgage

Buying a home is perhaps the biggest purchase you'll ever make in your life. For a vast majority of people, buying a house is a dream. But thanks to mortgages and the lenders that offer them, we all can think of buying our dream home.

Here’s the tricky part. Mortgage deals aren’t equal. Some home loan offers are just way better than others. And if you want to really benefit from your home loan, you need to find the right mortgages for you. The following are some considerations that you should know to find the best mortgage rate.

  • Lower interest rates and fees
    While it’s true that the best mortgage deals are usually the ones with lower interest, you should not base your decision based on the interest rate alone. If you want to get the best mortgage deal, always know all the fees and other features you need to pay over the life of the loan.
  • Extra repayment
    This is a very popular mortgage feature. Here, the lender allows you to make additional repayment on top of your stipulated amount without an additional fee. This will allow you to save on interest and settle your mortgage sooner than its anticipated term. A rigid repayment structure can add years to your mortgage.
  • Offset account
    Having an offset account allows you to reduce the interest you pay each month. This is simply your regular saving account linked to your loan. Here, your savings balance offset against the principal amount. In this way, the interest you need to pay will be from the remaining amount of your loan.
  • No hidden charges
    Read your loan document thoroughly to make sure there are no hidden charges such as monthly service fee, etc. All these small charges add up to a substantial amount over the years.

In simple words, review your mortgage minutely to make sure it suits your circumstances and repayment ability. Working with a good mortgage broker can make the process a lot simpler to you because as professionals, they can explain all the details to you.

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