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Documents for Loan Application

The Loan Documents

Home loan application involves a fair bit of Information. Generally speaking, all lenders require the same information from you. Certain exceptions may be made for "low doc" home loans for the self- employed. When you come to your loan appointment with your Reliiance Financial Solutions professional, you should bring documents/evidence from the following categories with you (please note there can be variations/additions to this list) :

  • Identification
  • Property purchases


You must bring original identification documents with you :

  • Driver's licence and passport

PAYE applicants

If you are in regular employment, please bring either :

  • two consecutive payslips showing YTD earnings (no older than 4 weeks) OR
  • a letter from your employer confirming your salary AND
  • your last Group Certificate AND
  • your last Tax Assessment Notice

Property purchases

Lenders need to ascertain that you can meet the repayments, so please bring :

  • 6 months savings statements AND
  • a copy of the Contract for Sale of Land or Offer and Acceptance

Loans and cards

Please bring :

  • a copy of recent statement for all credit cards AND
  • copies of six months of loan statements for all loans

Self employed

We can also help you with finance if you work for yourself. Bring your :

  • latest two years' personal income tax returns and
  • latest two years' company tax returns and financials and
  • latest Tax Assessment Notice


If you want to refinance a loan you already have to take advantage of better loans available now or use the equity in your property for another purpose, bring

  • a copy of all loan statements for last 12 months and
  • proof of property ownership (e.g. rates notice)


Your income will be enhanced by the rental you receive. So, bring :

  • a letter from real estate agent confirming expected rental OR
  • a Copy of current Lease Agreement OR • recent rental statements

Construction loan

If you're planning to build, lenders will require some extra information. Please bring :

  • a copy of your Fixed Price Building Contract and
  • a copy of the plans and specifications

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